Jun 25, 2024

Unleash the capability of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) within the power of Gen AI

Understanding how Gen AI systems arrive at their decisions is crucial for building trust in their outcomes. XAI helps shed light on the "why" behind an AI decision,

Explainable AI (XAI), building trust in AI Model

Understanding how these systems arrive at their decisions is crucial for building trust in their outcomes. XAI helps shed light on the "why" behind an AI decision, fostering transparency and allowing stakeholders to scrutinize and understand the reasoning process.

Businesses are increasingly using AI to bring automation, enhace their decision making & increase workflows speed & productivity of every employee. But how do AI derive at their conclusions? What data do they use? And can we trust the results?

The whole calculation process is turned into what is commonly referred to as a “black box" that is impossible to interpret. These black box models are created directly from the data. And, not even the engineers or data scientists who create the algorithm can understand or explain what exactly is happening inside them or how the AI algorithm arrived at a specific result.

Further, organizations that practices making AI explainable are more likely to see their annual revenue and EBIT grow at rates of 10 percent or more.

Seventy-three percent of US companies have already adopted AI in at least some areas of their business, according to 2023 Emerging Technology Survey — and Generative AI is leading the way. One year after ChatGPT hit the market, more than half of the companies we surveyed (54%) have implemented GenAI in some areas of their business. (PwC 2024 AI Business Predictions)

The increasing adoption of AI is accompanied by a growing emphasis on responsible development and deployment, including explainability (XAI) for GenAI models.

What is XAI

XAI aims to make the complex decision-making processes of artificial intelligence (AI) systems more understandable and transparent to humans. With XAI, human can comprehend & trust the output of AI technology

With XAI, we want to answer questions like:

  • Why did the AI model reach a particular conclusion?
  • What factors influenced its decision?
  • Which parts of the input data were most important?
  • Can we trust its output?

Why is XAI important for GenAI?

Understanding the "Why" Behind Generated Outputs of LLM Models

Unlike discriminative AI models that classify or predict, GenAI models create new data (e.g., images, text, code). Their complex internal processes can be opaque, GenAI's "black-box" nature makes it difficult to understand how they arrive at specific outputs.

Understanding how these systems arrive at their decisions is crucial for building trust in their outcomes. XAI helps shed light on the "why" behind an AI decision, fostering transparency and allowing stakeholders to scrutinize and understand the reasoning process.

Developing models that not only generate outputs but also provide explanations alongside them. XAI helps bridge this gap by providing insights.

  • Trust and Adoption: XAI building trust in AI systems, especially in high-stakes domains like healthcare, finance, and the legal system. Understanding how an AI came to an output promotes confidence and responsible use.
  • Debugging and Improvement: Understanding the reasoning behind the generated outputs allows developers to improve the model's creativity, coherence, and controllability.
  • Iterative Learning and Development: By understanding the factors influencing generated outputs, organizations can iteratively improve the training data and fine-tune the LLM's parameters, leading to better performance and reliability over time.
  • Regulatory Compliance: XAI becomes increasingly important in industries where regulations demand transparency in decision-making (e.g., GDPR's "right to explanation").
  • Human-AI Collaboration: Explanations help humans work effectively alongside AI systems, making informed decisions based on a shared understanding.
  • User Acceptance: If people can understand how an AI-powered system works, they are more likely to trust it and use it effectively.

Why XAI matters & how businesses/organisations can get benefits out of it

Explainable AI is one of the key requirements for implementing responsible AI, a methodology for the large-scale implementation of AI methods in real organizations with fairness, model explainability and accountability.

  1. Knowledge Base Transparency: XAI can explain where the chatbot retrieves information for its responses, allowing users to assess the credibility of the information and potentially access the source directly.
  2. Explainable Recommendations: Regulatory requirements in certain industries might mandate explainability. XAI helps ensure compliance with these regulations by providing clear explanations for chatbot output.
  3. Identifying Risky Interactions: XAI can highlight cases where the chatbot might be providing false, unfactual responses. This allows for early intervention and mitigation of potential risks.
  4. Improving User Control: XAI can allow users to query the rationale for certain responses or request alternative suggestions based on different criteria. This empowers users to have more control over their interactions with the GenAI assistant.
  5. Trust and Transparency: AI systems are increasingly used in critical decision-making across various domains like finance, healthcare, and law enforcement.
  6. Auditable Decision-Making: By understanding the factors influencing Gen AI outputs, businesses can make more informed decisions about how to utilize the technology effectively. By explaining the chatbot's reasoning, XAI fosters auditable decision-making processes, demonstrating responsible AI development and deployment within the enterprise.
  7. Improved Efficiency and Productivity: XAI can help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within AI models, allowing for targeted optimization and resource allocation. This can improve overall workflow and productivity.
    with the transperancy to the given output by an AI can help the user enhance their decision making flawlessly with trust & quickly take the action improving overall workflow and productivity.
  8. Innovation and Competitive Advantage: By leveraging XAI to gain deeper insights into their data and Gen AI models, businesses can unlock new opportunities for innovation and gain a competitive edge in the market.
  9. Improved Human-AI Collaboration: XAI empowers humans to understand the reasoning behind AI recommendations, allowing for better collaboration and informed decision-making.
    XAI can highlight areas where human expertise is still crucial, promoting a collaborative approach where AI and humans work together effectively.
  10. Better Debugging and Model Improvement: XAI can reveal flaws or limitations within AI models. This allows developers to troubleshoot issues, refine the model's logic, and ultimately improve its accuracy and performance.

Limitations of XAI

Challenges in Explaining Complex Outputs:

GenAI models often create subjective and creative outputs (e.g., artwork, music, creative text formats). Quantifying the reasoning behind such outputs can be challenging, making it difficult to provide clear and concise explanations using current XAI techniques.

Balancing Explainability and Creativity:

Enforcing high explainability standards might stifle the very creativity and novelty that GenAI models are known for. Striking the right balance between providing adequate explanations and preserving the model's creative potential could be challenging

Limited Interpretability of "Black-Box" Models:

Some advanced GenAI models, particularly deep learning models, can be highly complex with intricate internal workings. These "black-box" models may pose a challenge for XAI techniques, making it difficult to extract meaningful explanations for their outputs.

Subjectivity and User Bias:

The perceived value of explanations can be subjective and influenced by the training data. Additionally, users might unknowingly introduce bias into their interpretation of explanations, leading to misinterpretations or misplaced trust.

Black-Box AI vs. Explainable AI

How Fluid AI is increasing Transperancy & Expanaibility of Gen AI Tech for Enteprises -

Interpretable and inclusive AI

Fluid AI has built interpretable and inclusive AI systems for Organisations with tools designed to help detect the resonability behind the output and provide user with the insight needed to trust the output

Deploy AI with confidence

To grow end-user trust, especially in critical decision-making domains, we have improved transparency with explanations of the llm models, get a prediction and a score in real time indicating which data affected the final result.

Enhancing GPT Outputs with Anti-Hallucination Insights

Large language models (LLMs), sometimes generate outputs that are creative but lack factual basis ("hallucination"). With Fluid AI’s XAI technique pinpoint which parts of the input data have the most significant influence on the model's output along with indicating where the model might be "hallucinating", this help model to produce more reliable and trustworthy outputs.

Fluid AI has built controls which can be enable to Reduce Hallucination and Derive Output on Factual Data

  • Knowledge-base lock- Limit the creativity of the Gen AI Copilot to get very specific & accurate data from the built knowledge base only
  • Document Specific Retrieval- Select the specific document or file that you want GPT to retrieve data from ensuring the output is from the grounding data
  • Precision Mode- Enable a precision mode in which the GPT provides crisp, specific, and reliable answers to organization-related questions, reducing unnecessary details and focusing on accuracy.
  • Real-time search- Build Tools set which will do real-time lookup to fetch the data from different sources of your organisation like confluence, sql, SharePoint, etc.

The Future of XAI in GenAI:

The increasing market size and growth projections for XAI solutions suggest growing adoption. MarketsandMarkets forecasts the Explainable AI market to reach $16.2 billion by 2028, indicating a rising demand for XAI technologies

  • Developing new XAI techniques specifically designed for the unique characteristics of generative models is an active area of research.
  • Combining different XAI approaches to provide a comprehensive understanding of the generative process is a promising direction.
  • Integrating user feedback and preferences into the explanation generation process can lead to more user-centric and impactful explanations.
  • XAI techniques are expected to be increasingly integrated with Generative AI models to address explainability challenges and promote responsible use of these powerful tools.

By bridging the gap between the complex world of GenAI and human understanding, XAI holds immense potential to foster trust, collaboration, and responsible use of this powerful technology.

Overall, XAI acts as a bridge, empowering organizations to use GenAI/LLM models with confidence and trust by fostering transparency, enabling responsible development, and facilitating continuous improvement. This allows organizations to unlock the full potential of GenAI while mitigating risks and ensuring ethical use within the enterprise landscape.

Decision pointsOpen-Source LLMClose-Source LLM
AccessibilityThe code behind the LLM is freely available for anyone to inspect, modify, and use. This fosters collaboration and innovation.The underlying code is proprietary and not accessible to the public. Users rely on the terms and conditions set by the developer.
CustomizationLLMs can be customized and adapted for specific tasks or applications. Developers can fine-tune the models and experiment with new techniques.Customization options are typically limited. Users might have some options to adjust parameters, but are restricted to the functionalities provided by the developer.
Community & DevelopmentBenefit from a thriving community of developers and researchers who contribute to improvements, bug fixes, and feature enhancements.Development is controlled by the owning company, with limited external contributions.
SupportSupport may come from the community, but users may need to rely on in-house expertise for troubleshooting and maintenance.Typically comes with dedicated support from the developer, offering professional assistance and guidance.
CostGenerally free to use, with minimal costs for running the model on your own infrastructure, & may require investment in technical expertise for customization and maintenance.May involve licensing fees, pay-per-use models or require cloud-based access with associated costs.
Transparency & BiasGreater transparency as the training data and methods are open to scrutiny, potentially reducing bias.Limited transparency makes it harder to identify and address potential biases within the model.
IPCode and potentially training data are publicly accessible, can be used as a foundation for building new models.Code and training data are considered trade secrets, no external contributions
SecurityTraining data might be accessible, raising privacy concerns if it contains sensitive information & Security relies on the communityThe codebase is not publicly accessible, control over the training data and stricter privacy measures & Security depends on the vendor's commitment
ScalabilityUsers might need to invest in their own infrastructure to train and run very large models & require leveraging community experts resourcesCompanies often have access to significant resources for training and scaling their models and can be offered as cloud-based services
Deployment & Integration ComplexityOffers greater flexibility for customization and integration into specific workflows but often requires more technical knowledgeTypically designed for ease of deployment and integration with minimal technical setup. Customization options might be limited to functionalities offered by the vendor.
10 ponits you need to evaluate for your Enterprise Usecases

At Fluid AI, we stand at the forefront of this AI revolution, making the Gen AI Explainable & Transparent for Enterprise-usecases. We help organizations kickstart their AI journey, if you’re seeking a solution for your organization, look no further. We’re committed to making your organization future-ready, just like we’ve done for many others.
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