Elevate Sales Velocity: Strategic Advantage of Gen AI Integration

Closing deals faster

Allows Sales Teams to have instant, real time data access on fingertip skipping the manual work which enhances the probability of closing deals faster.

Excel in every customer interaction

Empower your sales professionals with intelligent support, personalized outreaches, and data-driven insights, ensuring they excel in every customer interaction.

Increased Successful Engagement

Maximize your team’s effort as the assistant aids in generating persuasive proposals, answer’s to customer objections, call scripts, tailored emails and more, using product information to ensure maximum impact. Enhance your communication strategy and increase the likelihood of successful engagements.

Analyzes your sales data

Provide valuable & on-demand information, providing Data-Driven decision making allowing to strategize effectively and adapt to market trends.

Post sales assistance

Convert Buyers into Brand Loyalists by introduce upselling or cross-selling opportunities during interactions & providing post sales assistance.

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A man standing besides car chatting on phone & Fluid AI chat interface with the user asking car insurance coverage options & Fluid AI responding to the query with main coverage options available like collision, personal injury, medical coverage.
Drive revenue growth, exceed targets of sales conversions
Reduction in delayed responses, contribute higher conversion rates
Increase in Lead Generation

Provide Engaging Sales Assistance on WhatsApp

A women sitting in the kitchen engaging with whatsapp chatbot seeking assistance on purchasing the perfect microwave & Fluid AI responding on whatsapp with few suggestions to match the needs
Faster Sales Cycles

Quicker responses to inquiries and immediate assistance with basic purchases can significantly shorten the sales cycle.

Reduced Sales Team Workload

Let chatbot handle repetitive tasks like answering FAQs and processing simple orders, freeing up sales reps to focus on complex sales & customer relationships.

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamlessly integrate the chatbot with your current sales software for smooth data flow and sales team efficiency.

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Bringing Cost Saving and Operational Efficiency

Build your Knowledge Base

Ingests all marketing Content, product related information, Sales script, FAQ’s, others.

Integration with Sales Platforms

Seamlessly integrate Chatbot into your existing sales platforms, providing your team with easy access to powerful capabilities.

Scalable Operations

Scale as your business grows. Whether you have a small sales team or a large international operation, the consistency and scalability of support remain constant, ensuring your sales operations can grow seamlessly.

Reduced Training Time

Fluid AI can be a valuable tool for onboarding new sales team members. Assist new hires by providing training materials, product knowledge, reducing the time taken to become fully productive.

Cost Savings

The automation and efficiency gains translate into cost savings. Reduced labor costs, improved lead conversion, and streamlined processes all contribute to a higher ROI.

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Knowledgebase ingestion with various data formats of docs, pdfs, xls, image. Url, mp4 and more. With API connections to various system including CRM, ERP, Website, Commerce, etc. for increasing customer experience, engagement and satisfaction.

Now Customer support team would no longer need to spend hours on mundane tasks of answering frequently asked questions, processing routine requests, and managing basic inquiries. Let your GPT Copilot take care of these repetitive tasks who will handle it with precision and efficiency

Your customers will benefit from quicker responses, increased consistency in support, and a more personalized experience.

Meanwhile, your team will appreciate the reduced workload, decreased monotony, and the opportunity to engage in strategic, high-impact activities that drive your business forward.

Our Features

Large language Models

Select your preferable LLM Model

Fluid AI offers organizations the flexibility to choose any Language Model (LLM) that aligns with your organisation specific needs and requirements. This adaptability allows you to select or fine-tune a language model that best suits your industry, domain, or even internal communication style.

Easy upgrade to any latest model launching in the future anytime

With Fluid AI your organisation can effortlessly upgrade & switch to upcoming premier foundation models of LLM in the market. This integration guarantees that your organisation can access the latest and most advanced AI technologies available allowing for seamless transitions without interupting your workflow.

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A Flowchart showing how Fluid AI brings the capability of Large Language models for organization, by allowing the use of GPT 3.5/4 or any LLM without training, instant live, restricted to answer from your knowledge, allows for single click content updation, and provides referenceable answers, all with no technical management required.
A man sitting in front of laptop creating knowledge base for GPT Copilot with different text, pdf, doc files.

Knowledge base

Biggest knowledge base type support

With Fluid AI your organisation can build your own knowledge base by ingesting all form of data -unstructured text, video, or web content. Our advanced solution can transforms all the unstructured and structured data from the knowledge base into actionable insights and knowledge.

Build different Instances for different team requirements

Fluid AI recognizes the importance of secure data management within organizations. It offers the capability to build different tenants for different departments. This means that data access can be compartmentalized, ensuring that each department has access only to the relevant information & sensitive data is restricted to authorized personnel within the respective departments while maintaining a high level of data security & privacy. Administrators can define access permissions based on roles and responsibilities, allowing for a more secure and controlled environment.

Scalable knowledge base

Take your knowledge base to all channels your customers could possibly reach out to you on — your website, mobile app, or even chat.

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Help your customer get accurate answers faster

We provide the ability of Auto Ingestion from 100+ data source type- sharepoint, confluence, google drive, & more to experience real time data Integrations.

Integrate Fluid AI with your employees' favorite tools

Revolutionize your organization's omni-channel experience, access the power of Enterprise Gen AI directly within preferred communication tools like Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, and more to quickly generate intelligent and contextually relevant responses, draft professional emails, create project plans, and more. This integration ensures that your employees have instant access to the collective intelligence and expertise, making their workflows more efficient and effective. Collaborate on team projects, resolve customer queries, or brainstorm ideas without leaving their familiar workspace.

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Easily Integrate GPT Copilots with your organizations go-to tools like teams, slack, confluence & reach your customer on their convenient platforms like website, whatsapp with our API's options

Experience 2X speed with
Sales Template

Embrace a new era of efficiency and effectiveness with the pre-built prompt templates for your sales team.

Fluid AI has built the Prompts Library, which is curated by experts to deliver the best output in less than a minute.

We also offer you the flexibility to create your own prompt templates for the frequently used commands.

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Why Us

Cost Effective Efficiency
Decrease in operational costs & watch your efficiency soar.
Your Copilot understand you
Languages supported seamlessly.
Unlock Automation Potential
Integrations available to increase automation game.
Round-the-clock availability
The Chatbot is always on, ensuring support assistance.
A happy relaxing customer support representative due to reduce manual work, increased productivity and quick access to information that enhanced decision-making all due to Enterprise Generative AI Solution by Fluid AI.

Easy setup, No complex model training required & quick launch Go-live in just 7 days

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