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What is Fluid AI ?


Fluid AI is an leading AI company, that specializes in making Generative AI technology Enterprise-ready. Fluid AI offer Gen-AI powered Chatbots, Voice Calling bots, range of API's to build a customized layer on top and Integrations that can drive more powerful automation.

The solution offered by Fluid AI are designed to enhance end-customer experiences (CX), streamline organizational internal workflows & boost employee productivity (EX), enhancing data driven decision-making, across various industries.

Is it secure to deploy Generative AI at Enterprise level ?


Yes, Fluid AI offers secure and versatile deployment options, catering to varying security needs and infrastructure preferences of different organizations. Fluid AI understands the crucial importance of data security, especially when deploying AI technologies, and provides several hosting architectures—from Publicly hosted to Hybrid and even entirely Private hosting solutions.

Organizations can have peace of mind with a dedicated instance of the model that is accessible only to their organization, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. In this private setting, the data used to tailor and customize the model is securely housed in the organization's data silo. This setup guarantees that your data will not be used in the public training of the model, no data replication or retention.

With these measures organizations can leverage the powerful capabilities of the Fluid AI with the assurance that their data is protected, without any concerns about data leaks or retention, maintaining the highest security standards.

Does Fluid AI Solution replace employees ?


No, The Fluid AI solutions, is designed to assist and augment the capabilities of human employees rather than replace them. It enhances productivity and efficiency by freeing employees from the daily common monotonous tasks, driving automation, easy access to organisations data & resources, and ensuring instant & accurate responses to queries. Fluid AI enables employees to focus on more complex issues, intellectually tasks & rewarding work empowering employees to be more productive, streamlined operations, improving job satisfaction (EX) through enriched work experiences.

Which LLM’s is supported by Fluid AI ?


Fluid AI offers organizations the flexibility to choose any Language Model (LLM) that aligns with your organisation specific goals and requirements. This adaptability allows you to select the LLM that best suits your industry, domain, or even internal communication style, & further tailor that LLM on your organisation vast repository of data ensuring that it operates with a high level of relevance and accuracy within your specific context. The organisation can further switch the model or upgrade to the newer version launched.

What are the USP of Fluid AI ?


Fluid AI distinguishes itself as an advanced Enterprise solution with several key advantages & Capabilities:

1. LLM Flexibilty: Choose any LLM Model for your Enterprise Specific Usecase deployment & flexibility to update to newer version anytime
2. Knowledge Management: Adapts to both structured and unstructured organizational data, tailor the LLM & improving query handling.
3. User Management: For secure data access control
4. Quick Deployment: Easy & Instant set-up, can go live in just a week
5. User-Friendly: Offers an intuitive interface for ease of use.
6. RAG Technology: To provide accurate & precise answers, reducing generative AI Hallucination.
7. Hallucination Shield: Every answers go through the Hallucination shield providing more reliable answers.
8. Explainable & Reliable AI: Provides transperancy & explanations for AI responses with credibility weights & scores to the sources
9. Prebuilt Prompt library: Features a library of expertly crafted prompt templates for desirable outputTools Set: For real-time information retrieval from trusted sources.
10. Integration: Offers APIs and integration options for automation capabilities.

What all data is acceptable in the knowledge Management of the Fluid AI ?


With Fluid AI, your organisation can build your own knowledge base by ingesting all form of structured data- pdf, ppt, xls, csv, json, html, etc. & also assimilate unstructured data- video, web content, images & more

Our advanced solution can transforms all the unstructured and structured data from the knowledge base into actionable insights and knowledge, making it easily accessible at right-time to right- people.

Further the Knowledge Management can be automated with the API connection to different sources (Drive, Snowflake, Confluence,) of your organisation for accurate data retrieval.

Can I integrate Fluid AI with my organisations current workflows ?


Yes, organizations can easily integrate Fluid AI with their current systems, with over 1000+ APIs available. It can seamlessly connect with existing tools and applications, (Slack, Microsoft Teams, whatsapp,) for Omnichannel experience.

The integration capabilities extend to various data sources, including cloud storage and databases, to SQL data. This allows for easy and efficient access to organization-specific information, enabling quick accurate responses to queries, all the while safeguarding the confidentiality & security of your data.

How can I choose the use cases to deploy the Generative AI Solution for my organisation ?


We suggest organisations to start with small internal pilot projects to test effectiveness before full-scale deployment. At this level you can prioritize use cases that directly benefit employees and free them for higher-value use case, like customer support, HR team, Employe support, Sales Team, legal assistance, etc. Organisations find this more effective and helps to build confidence to gain an understanding of the technology, and then expanding its implementation across.

Our expertise lies in guiding organizations through a seamless transition, empowering organizations to fully unlock the potential of GenAI, leading to performance enhancements, productivity gains, and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Is the Gen AI scalable to provide assitance on high support demand ?


Absolutely, the Fluid AI is designed to scale effortlessly. It's built with enterprise-level use cases in mind, which means it's equipped to grow alongside an increase in the user base or the expansion of use cases. The platform can manage a limitless number of queries, assimiliate vast repository of data, without compromising the resolution or speed of responses, ensuring that your organization can rely on its capabilities.

What is the usual timeline to make the Gen AI deployment live?


The timeline for taking the solution live is relatively quick and hassle-free. Fluid AI has already done the hard work of complex model training and processes, and adding additional features capability required for Enterprise Usecases, making implementation easy for organizations. It can be taken live in just few days, usually in 7 days ! so onboarding would be much faster with less efforts & start handling queries immediately.

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