Now Customer support team would no longer need to spend hours on mundane tasks of answering frequently asked questions, processing routine requests, and managing basic inquiries. Let your GPT Copilot take care of these repetitive tasks who will handle it with precision and efficiency

Your customers will benefit from quicker responses, increased consistency in support, and a more personalized experience.

Meanwhile, your team will appreciate the reduced workload, decreased monotony, and the opportunity to engage in strategic, high-impact activities that drive your business forward.

  • Foster customer relationship- Elevate your customer support to new heights and cultivate strong, lasting customer relationships with Customer Support GPT Copilot.

  • Exceptional customer experiences- Leverage natural language processing and sentiment analysis to instantly understand and respond to customer queries and effortlessly handle complex support cases with contextual knowledge based conversations.

  • Omnichannel Excellence- Engage with your audience wherever they are by seamlessly integrating Fluid GPT to enhance your Omni-channel Experience.

Transform your Employee potential with Generative AI

Build Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Effortlessly create extensive knowledge bases for your employees with all the SOP’s, policies, training materials, and FAQs to answer their common issues & queries in seconds.

Instant Self-service Assistance

Empower employees to find solutions to their queries independently with user-friendly interface & can ask questions or search for information in natural language without wasting time.

RAG based Accuracy

Provide an accurate & reliable solution to every query with the power of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) combined with Gen AI technology, reducing the risk of transferring inaccurate information.

Provide right & on-time data access

Automate query resolution faster with right data access to your employees on right time without unnecessary delays or compromising their efficiency.

Accelerate HR Operations

Automate resume screening to identify qualified candidates, handle employee onboarding and repetitive HR related queries by providing them with necessary information & resources whenever they need assistance.

Seamless Integration

Real-time Time Integration with go-to tools of your employees, enhancing Omnichannel Experience, whether it be Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, etc.

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An employee working from home on laptop getting assistance from Fluid AI chatbot about the remote working policies, SOP’s, and some IT trouble shooting issues, added logos of whatsapp, slack and teams below.
Hours saved
Productivity Boost
Self-served queries
Increased employee engagement (EX)

How the Fluid AI Works

Tailor LLM, get accurate trustworthy answers and transparency with every answers with explainable AI, building secure responsible and reliable AI.
Easily Assimilate Unstructured data

Tailor LLM with Instant
Knowledge Ingestion

Get accurate, reliable answers with

Retrieval Augmented
Generation (RAG)

Eliminate Black-box, providing
transparency to AI with

Explainable Artificial
Intelligence (AI)

Our Features

Large language Models

Select your preferable LLM Model

Fluid AI offers organizations the flexibility to choose any Language Model (LLM) that aligns with your organisation specific needs and requirements. This adaptability allows you to select or fine-tune a language model that best suits your industry, domain, or even internal communication style.

Easy upgrade to any latest model launching in the future anytime

With Fluid AI your organisation can effortlessly upgrade & switch to upcoming premier foundation models of LLM in the market. This integration guarantees that your organisation can access the latest and most advanced AI technologies available allowing for seamless transitions without interupting your workflow.

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A Flowchart showing how Fluid AI brings the capability of Large Language models for organization, by allowing the use of GPT 3.5/4 or any LLM without training, instant live, restricted to answer from your knowledge, allows for single click content updation, and provides referenceable answers, all with no technical management required.
A man sitting in front of laptop creating knowledge base for GPT Copilot with different text, pdf, doc files.

Knowledge base

Biggest knowledge base type support

With Fluid AI your organisation can build your own knowledge base by ingesting all form of data -unstructured text, video, or web content. Our advanced solution can transforms all the unstructured and structured data from the knowledge base into actionable insights and knowledge.

Build different Instances for different team requirements

Fluid AI recognizes the importance of secure data management within organizations. It offers the capability to build different tenants for different departments. This means that data access can be compartmentalized, ensuring that each department has access only to the relevant information & sensitive data is restricted to authorized personnel within the respective departments while maintaining a high level of data security & privacy. Administrators can define access permissions based on roles and responsibilities, allowing for a more secure and controlled environment.

Scalable knowledge base

Take your knowledge base to all channels your customers could possibly reach out to you on — your website, mobile app, or even chat.

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Help your customer get accurate answers faster

We provide the ability of Auto Ingestion from 100+ data source type- sharepoint, confluence, google drive, & more to experience real time data Integrations.

Integrate Fluid AI with your employees' favorite tools

Revolutionize your organization's omni-channel experience, access the power of Enterprise Gen AI directly within preferred communication tools like Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, and more to quickly generate intelligent and contextually relevant responses, draft professional emails, create project plans, and more. This integration ensures that your employees have instant access to the collective intelligence and expertise, making their workflows more efficient and effective. Collaborate on team projects, resolve customer queries, or brainstorm ideas without leaving their familiar workspace.

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Easily Integrate GPT Copilots with your organizations go-to tools like teams, slack, confluence & reach your customer on their convenient platforms like website, whatsapp with our API's options

Why Us

Cost Effective Efficiency
Decrease in operational costs & watch your efficiency soar.
Your Copilot understand you
Languages supported seamlessly.
Unlock Automation Potential
Integrations available to increase automation game.
Round-the-clock availability
The Chatbot is always on, ensuring support assistance.
A happy relaxing customer support representative due to reduce manual work, increased productivity and quick access to information that enhanced decision-making all due to Enterprise Generative AI Solution by Fluid AI.Click to explore the perfect copilot for your organization!

Easy setup, No complex model training required & quick launch Go-live in just 7 days

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