Have your smart AI voice agent who can -

Comprehend and respond to customers queries in human-like natural language & conversation patterns effectively from customers over phone calls.

Ensuring swift queries resolutions without prolonged wait times or excessive human intervention & can easily scale to handle a large volume of queries while maintaining high-quality service.
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Fluid AI Impact numbers

Now Customer support team would no longer need to spend hours on mundane tasks of answering frequently asked questions, processing routine requests, and managing basic inquiries. Let your GPT Copilot take care of these repetitive tasks who will handle it with precision and efficiency

Your customers will benefit from quicker responses, increased consistency in support, and a more personalized experience.

Meanwhile, your team will appreciate the reduced workload, decreased monotony, and the opportunity to engage in strategic, high-impact activities that drive your business forward.

A women talking on phone using headphones with Fluid AI voice calling agent.

Autonomous Voice AI agents

Rapid information

Rapid information, retrieval & augmented generation capabilities, deliver personalized, accurate & fast responses, while maintaing contextual human like conversational flow.

The AI-driven process

The AI-driven process offers consistent service quality, regardless of call volume or time of day,  eliminating the constraints of traditional working hours & ensuring a uniform customer experience.

Reducing reliance on human agents

Reducing reliance on human agents for routine queries allows organizations to allocate human resources to more complex tasks, optimizing operational costs.

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Why Us

With AI voice agents, start handling queries on day 1, providing round-the-clock uninterrupted support, making your customers happy and satisfied enough to more likely seek assistance or services again in the future.
Build knowledge base for your organisation

No need for weeks & months of training to grasp your organisation procedures, regulations, and customer interaction nuances.

Your Organisation's Copilot

Agents dont have to worry about remembering lots of information, doing manual search for answers or repeat the same responses to 1000’s of other people.

Content Automation

No more frustrated customers due to unsolved queries, or long waiting time due to call transfers between agents.

A man using laptop with a  Fluid AI Autonomous AI voice agents flowchart overlay outlines a process of connect via API, validate the user, access the enterprise system, receive information, and resolve customer queries over the phone, leading to the end customer.
A happy relaxing customer support representative due to reduce manual work, increased productivity and quick access to information that enhanced decision-making all due to Enterprise Generative AI Solution by Fluid AI.

Easy setup, No complex model training required & quick launch Go-live in just 7 days

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