Queries resolved
Increased CSAT rate
Self-served queries
Boost in Sales Opportunity

Maximize Conversions with Fluid AI
WhatsApp Chatbot

A women sitting in the kitchen engaging with whatsapp chatbot seeking assistance on purchasing the perfect microwave & Fluid AI responding on whatsapp with few suggestions to match the needs.
Improved Lead Generation

Allow chatbot to engage with customers, address their needs, guide them through the sales funnel in a more personalized way, even gather customer information and preferences.

Seamless Sales Service

Leverage Generative AI's ability to elevate upsell & cross-sell strategy and past interactions to suggest relevant products, increasing conversion rates.

Increased Engagement

Businesses can use chatbots for targeted marketing campaigns and promotions within WhatsApp, keeping them interested in the sales cycle.

Convenience for Customers

Many users already use WhatsApp regularly, making it a convenient platform for customer support, more likely to complete purchases, increasing conversion rates.

Faster Response Times

Automate instant, personalized responses in natural language to customer inquiries, provide on-demand assistance, reduce customer wait time and significantly shorten the sales cycle.

Automated Tasks

Chatbots can handle repetitive tasks like order tracking, appointment scheduling, and sending reminders, streamlining the purchase process and boosting sales velocity.

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Now Customer support team would no longer need to spend hours on mundane tasks of answering frequently asked questions, processing routine requests, and managing basic inquiries. Let your GPT Copilot take care of these repetitive tasks who will handle it with precision and efficiency

Your customers will benefit from quicker responses, increased consistency in support, and a more personalized experience.

Meanwhile, your team will appreciate the reduced workload, decreased monotony, and the opportunity to engage in strategic, high-impact activities that drive your business forward.

Why Us

Cost Effective Efficiency
Decrease in operational costs & watch your efficiency soar.
Your Copilot understand you
Languages supported seamlessly.
Unlock Automation Potential
Integrations available to increase automation game.
Round-the-clock availability
The Chatbot is always on, ensuring support assistance.
A happy relaxing customer support representative due to reduce manual work, increased productivity and quick access to information that enhanced decision-making all due to Enterprise Generative AI Solution by Fluid AI.

Easy setup, No complex model training required & quick launch Go-live in just 7 days

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