Jun 25, 2024

How ‘Erica- A Conversational AI Agent’ helped power a 19% spike in earnings at Bank of America

With over 1.5 customer interactions daily, Erica has changed the landscape of BOA increasing revenue and customer trust multifolds. Learn how they did it

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In the era of digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer for many industries, including banking. One such example is ‘Erica’, a conversational AI agent developed by Bank of America. This blog post will delve into how Erica contributed to a significant 19% increase in the bank’s earnings.

Erica: The AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Erica is an AI-powered virtual assistant that uses predictive analytics and cognitive messaging to help Bank of America’s clients make smarter banking decisions. It provides personalized financial advice, helps with transactions, and even identifies potential savings opportunities for customers.

Since its official launch in 2018, Erica has been instrumental in driving customer engagement and operational efficiency at Bank of America. Here are some impressive numbers:

  • Erica has surpassed 1 billion interactions with Bank of America clients.
  • It is now handling nearly 1.5 million client interactions per day.
  • Since its launch, Erica has helped nearly 32 million Bank of America clients manage their financial lives.
  • Clients have viewed 37 million proactive insights to help them review their finances and cut recurring subscription charges that may have increased unexpectedly.
  • More than 4 million proactive notifications about eligibility for Preferred Rewards have helped clients enroll in the program and enjoy the benefits.
  • 60 million Spend Path insights have helped clients understand their finances with a weekly snapshot of spending.
  • More than 98% of clients get the answers they need using Erica.

Impact on Bank of America’s Earnings

Erica isn’t just about savings; she’s also about growth. Her personalized financial advice has effectively cross-sold the bank’s products and services, leading to increased revenue. According to reports, Erica helped increase revenue by 19% by suggesting new services and products in between the conversations.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Erica offers 24/7 assistance, providing customers with immediate responses to their queries. This round-the-clock service has significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased usage of the bank’s services.

Streamlining operations Increasing efficiency

By handling routine inquiries and transactions, Erica has freed up bank staff to focus on more complex tasks. This has resulted in operational efficiencies and cost savings for the bank.


The success story of Erica underscores the potential of AI in transforming the banking industry. By enhancing customer experience, improving operational efficiency, and driving revenue growth, Erica has indeed powered a significant spike in Bank of America’s earnings. However, the journey to AI transformation doesn’t have to be a solo venture.

Decision pointsOpen-Source LLMClose-Source LLM
AccessibilityThe code behind the LLM is freely available for anyone to inspect, modify, and use. This fosters collaboration and innovation.The underlying code is proprietary and not accessible to the public. Users rely on the terms and conditions set by the developer.
CustomizationLLMs can be customized and adapted for specific tasks or applications. Developers can fine-tune the models and experiment with new techniques.Customization options are typically limited. Users might have some options to adjust parameters, but are restricted to the functionalities provided by the developer.
Community & DevelopmentBenefit from a thriving community of developers and researchers who contribute to improvements, bug fixes, and feature enhancements.Development is controlled by the owning company, with limited external contributions.
SupportSupport may come from the community, but users may need to rely on in-house expertise for troubleshooting and maintenance.Typically comes with dedicated support from the developer, offering professional assistance and guidance.
CostGenerally free to use, with minimal costs for running the model on your own infrastructure, & may require investment in technical expertise for customization and maintenance.May involve licensing fees, pay-per-use models or require cloud-based access with associated costs.
Transparency & BiasGreater transparency as the training data and methods are open to scrutiny, potentially reducing bias.Limited transparency makes it harder to identify and address potential biases within the model.
IPCode and potentially training data are publicly accessible, can be used as a foundation for building new models.Code and training data are considered trade secrets, no external contributions
SecurityTraining data might be accessible, raising privacy concerns if it contains sensitive information & Security relies on the communityThe codebase is not publicly accessible, control over the training data and stricter privacy measures & Security depends on the vendor's commitment
ScalabilityUsers might need to invest in their own infrastructure to train and run very large models & require leveraging community experts resourcesCompanies often have access to significant resources for training and scaling their models and can be offered as cloud-based services
Deployment & Integration ComplexityOffers greater flexibility for customization and integration into specific workflows but often requires more technical knowledgeTypically designed for ease of deployment and integration with minimal technical setup. Customization options might be limited to functionalities offered by the vendor.
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