We are looking for Python AI ML Developers that like challenging problems and interesting work. At Fluid AI you will be tasked with both product side work on our core AI Analytics Platform Frontier and at the same time you'll get to work with some of the largest banks, insurers and healthcare firms in North America, Europe and Asia and exciting AI ML problems like credit decisioning, product upsell, insurance fraud, healthcare machine failure and others to name a few. Good knowledge of Python is useful. We love people with a spirit to learn. You will be exposed to areas like data science, AI, docker as well. Below is what we expect from you when you join:

Missions and Outcomes expected

MISSION: To save and earn our customers money through the Fluid AI Analytics Product and our Data Science Implementations

  • OUTCOME 1 : Create value for our Customers
  • To drive 4 million USD of value (money earned or money saved for customers) through our current Data Science AI and ML implementations and the Fluid AI Analytics Workbench Product in 6 months
  • Reduce the validation error percentage of atleast 3 existing Fluid AI projects by 30% (Example, making an error rate of 20% down to 12% or an error rate of 40% down to 28%) by improving the approach and adopting new approaches and algorithm for the same.

  • OUTCOME 2 : Make game-changing changes to our product
  • Launch atleast 3 new game changing AI/ML functionalities in the Fluid AI Analytics Product that customers love.
  • Redesign the existing product to make it more useable while making usability a trackable measure.
  • Drive then launch of the companies new product on ML Governance within 45 days of joining.
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