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AI-powered Avatar bots

AI-powered Avatar Chatbots to make it easy for customers and brands to interact with each other for getting things done better and faster.

AI Voice bots for going beyond just text

Enhance customer experiences with AI Voice Bot that talks understands, and interacts like a human. The powerful AI engine automates Inbound and Outbound Voice calling cycles. Save an average of 60% in customer supporting costs.

AI Text Chatbots for faster smarter conversations

Start engaging with users on the go and answer their queries seamlessly. Right from improving lead acquisition on websites to resolving customer and process queries. 53% increase in Lead Acquisition and Conversion.

Prediction to Recovery:
End-to-End Automation with
Artificial Intelligence

Intro to our variety of Bots

AI-powered Avatar Bots

AI-powered Voice Bots

AI-powered Text Bots

Create Amazing Experiences
for your Customers

Conversational AI

You can literally have a conversation with the bot and it will respond immediately with a satisfactory solution to your questions.

Omni channels

It’s available in multiple channels to link with like WhatsApp, slack, email, Facebook etc.

Live chat handover to human

Conversation can be handled over to a human agent if a user wants have a word with executives of the organizations.

Visual flow editor

The whole flow can be edited in minutes and can change the user experience in no time.

Chatbot Analytics

Analytics of the conversations is prepared by the bot itself and can be seen easily by the organization to have insights and take decisions accordingly.

Automate Conversational AI
with Customers

Easy to Adapt & Use

Scalable Handling and Escalation

The powerful AI engine successfully handles over a large scale or route them to human counterpart simultaneously at any given time.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with existing systems or contact centre solutions or services.

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