Prediction to Recovery:
End-to-End Automation with
Artificial Intelligence

Prediction to Recovery:
End-to-End Automation with
Artificial Intelligence

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AI-driven debt collection platform enables Finance companies to predict, identify and automate recovery from delinquent customers. The smart engine predicts delinquencies and recommends proactive outreach strategies for high-risk customers based on their internal transaction data like loan details, credit score, recent income and so on. It also considers external factors like change in weather, industry job loss, GDP, micro and macro-economic events to predict the probability of customer delinquency


Collections Platform automates methodology and frequency of each type of communication with the defaulter, reminding them through text, WhatsApp messages or AI Voice calls for Payments and Promise to Pay commitments, thus reducing the costs and burden on the last mile of collections.


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Unseen Recall Accuracy


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How it works

Three Layer Automation


Mitigate credit loss by predicting defaults even before they take place. Fluid AI engine identifies and predicts possible defaulters based on their historic data, payment schedules, credit ratings, purchasing patterns and liabilities to actively deploy counter-measures to avoid customer delinquency.


Post default, Fluid AI Engine identifies and ranks delinquent customers to determine the right recovery strategy. Based on the delinquency of each default and the cost associated with each communication channel, the AI engine initiates AI conversational follow up customers for payments. In addition, the engine shares a list of daily defaulter  with human agents  to ensure the highest and fastest number of recoveries.

Automated Recovery

The AI Conversational Engine  is capable of directly communicating defaulters/delinquents through AI-generated voice call, Email, SMS or WhatsApp and Messenger bots, allowing Finance companies  to increase the number of defaulters they’re able to reach for recovery  without bearing additional human intervention or costs.

Automate Conversational AI
with Customers

Transforming Collections and
Delinquency Management